Advanced Certified Research Specialist Program

The Advanced CRS (AdvCRS) Program provides advanced role-based preparation for clinical research professionals at UAMS. The training provided by AdvCRS will provide a more in-depth study of the various topics surrounding Human Subjects Research and Good Clinical Practice. 

In the Advanced Program individuals gain a deeper understanding of the research specialist profession by exploring key regulatory and procedural essentials. The program was developed by experienced research professionals and the Office of Research Compliance.

 Advanced Certified Research Specialists complete required coursework and pass a comprehensive AdvCRS Proficiency Exam.

There is no charge for participating in the program. Most AdvCRS classes will only be offered once annually.  Registrants must have held the CRS certificate for 3 years prior to enrolling in the AdvCRS Program, or hold a national certification such as SOCRA or ACRP.

We present new and continuing Advanced Certified Research Specialists with their formal certificates at the annual CRS/Advanced  CRS Awards Ceremony each January.

For more information on the program and how to join, please check out the following pages:



How many years do I have to be CRS certified before being eligible for the AdvCRS program?

 3 years


How do I maintain my CRS certification while working towards AdvCRS certification?

 While working towards AdvCRS certification, 6 hours of the AdvCRS trainings will count as research education electives towards maintaining your CRS certification. During your AdvCRS program review, those same requirements will be dually noted as completed.


How do I indicate that I am AdvCRS certified?

 The following is an example of how to note your AdvCRS certification:


Jane Doe, AdvCRS


How often are AdvCRS requirements scheduled?

Most AdvCRS classes are only offered once a year.


I took the same AdvCRS class twice. Will the second attendance count as an AdvCRS elective?



I am a 2020 CRS graduate, but used some AdvCRS requirements as electives while completing the CRS program.  Will they count towards a “fulfilled” requirement when I become eligible for the AdvCRS program?

No.  Until you have qualified for the AdvCRS program (3 years as a CRS), those AdvCRS required classes will only count as CRS  electives – and cannot be used again in fulfillment of an AdvCRS required course in the future.


You are welcome to attend any CRS or AdvCRS classes. If you have questions about a class counting as an elective or requirement, contact Carrie Chiaro.




To obtain a copy of you training transcript, please log into My Compass and follow these instructions:

  • Click on Self;
  • Next, you will select Reporting;
  • Lastly, select Training Transcript  (You can adjust the date range you are wanting to view