AdvCRS Program Requirements

AdvCRS Program Requirements

Advanced Certified Research Specialist complete ____ AdvCRS contact hours, as follows:

• Human Subject Protection training (4) – CITI
• AdvCRS: Export Compliance-

o History of Research Regulation / Code of Federal Regulations – Amy Jo Jenkins
o Research Recordkeeping and NICE Reviews – Carrie Chiaro
o An Overview of CTMS (Clinical Trials Management System) – Angela Smith/Zhidan Feng
o Legal Issues in Human Research – Nathan Chaney / Dori Scoggins
o Recruiting for Your Study – Pamela Christie
o – Mandi Tarte
o IRB Overview and Reporting to the IRB after Approval – Pamela Killebrew
o CLARA – Edith Paal
o Informed Consent Process – Darri Scalzo

• Advanced Research Ethics (4) – Leah Eisenberg   MyCompass Course ID: 2311-0008
• Writing Standard Operating Procedures (1.5) – Amy Jenkins     MyCompass Course ID: 2337-0004
• Research Misconduct (2) – Leah Eisenberg          MyCompass Course ID: 4449-0004
• Reportable New Information & the IRB (1) – Edith Paal    MyCompass Course ID: 4443-0005
• Protocol Deviations (1) – Darri Scalzo     MyCompass Course ID: 4445-0006
• Developing a Research Protocol (1.5) – Michael Bailey  MyCompass Course ID: 2338-0003
• Research Billing (1) – Charnise Moore   MyCompass Course ID: 4446-0005
• Electives (6)
o Research Seminars/ Workshops/Webinars Offered

You may count a total of 6 contact hours from other  (conferences, workshops, etc.) toward your CRS hours, with the approval of the Compliance Education Program Manager.  

If you have any questions please contact Kimberly Givens by email at or by phone at 501-686-6879.