Advanced CRS Program Requirements

 Advanced Certified Research Specialist complete the following AdvCRS courses:

  • AdvCRS: Export Controls 
  • AdvCRS: Conflicts of Interest 
  • Advanced Research Misconduct
  • AdvCRS: HIPAA and Research Overview 
  • Medical Devices in Research 
  • AdvCRS: Data Use & Data Sharing 
  • Ethics of Human Subjects Research-Beyond the Basics 
  • Single IRB Review

Electives (designated as “Advanced”) (6)
Research Seminars/ Workshops/Webinars Offered

**Complete AdvCRS Comprehensive Exam**


You may count a total of 6 contact hours from other  (conferences, workshops, etc.) toward your Advanced CRS electives.

For approval of those hours, or if you have any other questions please contact Jennifer McCluskey by email at or by phone at 501-686-5809.