CRS Program Proficiency Exam

CRS Proficiency Exam Online

Click the link above to access the online exam. You must be signed into your UAMS domain account and using Internet Explorer or Firefox to access the exam and receive credit for completion.

The exam consists of 20 randomly generated questions and covers topics discussed in the program’s required courses. You must make a 90% on the exam to pass. You can only take the exam twice in the same browser. If you do not pass within those two attempts, you must exit your browser and reopen the exam. If the exam is taken in the same browser window after two attempts, credit will not be given for the exam. One contact hour credit is given for successfully completing the exam.

When you pass the CRS Proficiency Exam, you will receive an official notification of certification via e-mail. The research specialist will then be presented with a formal certificate at the annual CRS Awards Ceremony. 

If you have any questions please contact Carrie Chiaro by email at or via phone at 501-526-6270.