Reporting Concerns

Concerns about the integrity of any research conducted at UAMS or other research compliance concerns can and should be reported.

Anyone can make a call to the anonymous Compliance Hotline at 1-888-511-3969. This hotline is managed by a company outside of the UAMS system and will keep caller identities completely confidential. Research compliance concerns will be passed on to the UAMS Office of Research Compliance (ORC) who will then investigate these concerns.

All UAMS employees are responsible for promptly reporting any suspected research misconduct to the Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Shuk-Mei Ho , who serves as the Research Integrity Officer for UAMS.

Other concerns about the integrity of any research conducted at UAMS may be reported to the Research Compliance Officer, Darri Scalzo, or any staff member of the Office of Research Compliance.

Remember—in order to continue the pursuit excellence in UAMS research programs, we need to work together to create a culture of compliance with regards to federal, state, and university policies and regulations.