June 13, 2018

UAMS Course for Community Research Partners Available


May 7, 2018

UAMS’s Amy Jo Jenkins elected President of the Society of Clinical Research Associates

Congratulations to UAMS’s own Amy Jo Jenkins on being elected President of the Society of Clinical Research Associates.   https://www.socra.org/about/board-of-directors/2018-election-results/

April 27, 2018

Ohio State Reveals Resignation of PI for Misconduct

Six months after the fact, the Ohio State University announced that a research professor resigned amid a finding of “intentional” research misconduct; at the same time, Ohio State took the rare step of publicly releasing parts of its investigative report. Ohio State officials said Ching-Shih Chen, formerly a professor of medicinal chemistry and chair of…

April 13, 2018

Manifestly Untrustworthy’ Former UAB Researcher Debarred for 10 Years

Following a ruling in January by an administrative law judge, the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI) has debarred a former University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) researcher for 10 years for misconduct that included falsifying data published in nine papers and deposited in a registry. In an April 10 notice on its website, ORI…

March 27, 2018

Pitt Professor Agrees to Pay Government to Resolve Claims That He Falsified IRB Approvals to Get Federal Research Grants

A star researcher at the University of Pittsburgh has agreed to pay the U.S. government more than $130,000 to resolve allegations that he submitted false documents to the National Science Foundation to get more than $2.3 million in federal research grants, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Pittsburgh announced Wednesday.  (link to full story at http://www.post-gazette.com/news/education/2018/03/21/University-of-Pittsburgh-Christian-Schunn-false-claims-act-national-science-foundation-grants/stories/201803210135…

March 22, 2018

NYU Professor Debarred for Three Years for Research Misconduct

Bhagavathi Narayanan, a former research associate professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine at New York University (NYU), has been debarred for three years from involvement in federal contracting, according to the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI). Narayanan “trimmed and/or copied Western blot images from unrelated sources, manipulated them to obscure their origin, and…

February 22, 2018

ORI: NIH Fellow Falsified Dozens of Figures in Two Published Papers

In its first research misconduct finding of 2018, the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI) announced that Colleen Skau committed research misconduct when she was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. In a 2/19/18 announcement posted on its website, ORI said Skau falsified, fabricated and otherwise skewed data in dozens…

January 18, 2018

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects

On January 17,  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and 15 other federal departments issued an interim final rule to delay the implementation of the revised Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (“Common Rule”) for six months, until July 19, 2018 to provide regulated entities additional time to make the necessary…

June 22, 2017

Admission Leads to First ORI Misconduct Finding in 10 Months

Eleven figures in a 2016 paper were fabricated or falsified by a former NIH “research training awardee” who admitted to the misconduct and agreed to a three-year supervisory plan should she receive HHS research support in the future, according to a notice in the June 20 Federal Register. The HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI)…

June 7, 2017

ICMJE Announces Requirement for Clinical Trial Data Sharing Statements

At the link below is a proposed policy published in 2016, ICMJE today announced its requirements for data sharing in the near future (attached). Key points: As of 1 July 2018 manuscripts submitted to ICMJE journals that report the results of clinical trials must contain a data sharing statement Clinical trials that begin enrolling participants…

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